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Containerise AppMon


Hi All,

I would presume that this indeed possible. I already have a working image with AppMon and am able to run containers.

To make licensing work I have created a Docker network and assigned each container a static MAC and IP address.

However, would you be able to confirm what directories need to be mounted as persistent volumes? At the moment I have only this one:



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Fabio,

there are already some scripts / config, maybe this helps:

Note that it is a lot more complicated to configure persistent volumes. The server, collector etc make a lot of changes all around the installation folder place.

Eg: /log/ for logging (can be reconfigured). The .ini files in the root. A lot of files in the /server/ outside the conf folder. Pid-files etc.

Best would be likely to consider the whole install directory as potentially changing and holding configured data.

Best regards,