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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Continuous Integration: dynaTrace, easyTravel and CI Server



I would like to explain you what I'm trying to achieve, so maybe you can tell me if it is possible or not with easyTravel application.

My final goal is being able to show our clients how Dynatrace can close the full development cicle (development, build, unit tests, and integration tests).

In order to accomplish this goal, I have planned the next milestones:

  1. Import and compile easyTravel code in an eclipse project.
  2. Run an existing test file and see the results in Dynatrace.
  3. Make a change in code (e.g.: any change that increment the DB calls) and then run again the test to be able to compare, in Dynatrace, the differences between these two executions and show the client the benefit of drilling into details like this with Dynatrace.
  4. Integrate the process for building and running Ant tests with Jenkins, taking advantage of Dynatrace plugin for Jenkins.
  5. Finally, when pushing any change in code to a Git repo, automatize a build+test run task in Jenkins.

I really appreciate your time, so many thanks!



Hi Daniel,

we do have something very similar available, albeit not exactly what you want. Please have a look at this project on GitHub which builds a Continuous Delivery Demo environment with Dynatrace and easyTravel in a virtual machine that's built from scratch:

How to use this framework?

What's inside the environment (created by this framework)?

What's not automatically included?

  • You would need to manually configure your build, test and deploy pipeline in Jenkins (documentation required)
  • You would have to manually inject the Dynatrace Agent into easyTravel's Ant scripts to see Unit tests being instrumented in Dynatrace
  • Integration tests are not integrated as they would require another running instance of easyTravel inside the VM which is not easily doable
  • You would have to make code changes to the git repo in the VM - but you could probably move the repo to your host and share the directory inside the VM

The presentation I linked to above names the resources you have to make available in the Jenkins pipeline. Let me know if that works.

Best, Martin





Hi Martin,

Thank you so much!

Think that will be really useful to help me with my goal. Keep in touch!

Best regards,