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Contributors Tab in a Dashboard (export via REST)

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi all,

A customer is trying to build a dashboard with the times of a certain method inside a BT splitting it by it's Arguments. They know response times are very different for the method's invocations depending on the Argument. They would like a Dashboard that shows response times for different arguments. They are trying to export this in JSON format via REST so they can treat it externally.

They have managed to define sensors, build the BT and create a Dashboard with it inside the Dyantrace Client. When they make the REST call to export the dashboard, the resulting object has purepath dashlet but that just shows the repose time of the whole purepath and not the methods inside it.

On the dashboard, if they go to the "Contributors" tab they see the information they are after (a number of invocations of the method they are looking at, it's arguments and the times for each invocation). The problem is they can't seem to export this tab/dashlet to the JSON object they export to.

Can this be done? If so can someone point us in the right direction? Any other way to export that information from Dynatrace?

Adding some screenshots:

This is the customer's BT based dashboard. Notice the 60333.17 response time for the Purepath and the different ExecTotals for the different invocations of the useRule method.

This is the JSON resulting from the REST call.

They would need to somehow extract the information for the methods' different invocations split by arguments.

Any ideas please?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


The contributors tab basically shows a flat list of the full PurePath tree. The only REST API that I am aware of that can give you these details is the XML Dashboard Reporting REST API:

There is a parameter called purePathDetails that you should check out