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Conversion rate by average response time

Hi Team,

We would like to analyse conversion rate by response time.

Example :

- If server side response time average during all the visit is < 1s > Conversion rate is 3%

- If server side response time average during all the visit is >1s & < 2s > Conversion rate is 2.5%

Same things for Page Load Response time.

We have all the data in Dynatrace I didn't find any out of the box dashboard or do any dashboard of this type in Dynatrace.

We have dedicated Analytics Tool like Omniture but it's not possible to do it as they don't know the response time. For me Dynatrace should be able to do (as we have visit/conversition rate/...) it but I don't find how.

Ideally we should be able to considere a visit contains at least 3 pages.

Could you help me ?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not sure if it would work as I've never considered using the conversion system this way but I checked and in the User Experience settings it will let me include any measure (including response times ones) as a conversion goal so perhaps if you use something like User Action Response Time with your set threshold as the lower severe maybe it will work but it really isn't intended to be used in this way I don't think.

Another option might be to create visit-based business transactions using the filter for each as the response time range you would like (with average duration) and maybe an additional filter to make sure it includes at least 3 actions as you would like. Then if you want a rate it might work to use the count of that business transaction divided by the total number of visits in a rate measure.

There also might be something simpler I'm not thinking of but this is an interesting idea.


Hello James,

Not easy to implement 😕 I will open an RFE. It would be great to have this out of the box and it will add an extra value for marketing team for Dynatrace.