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Convert Stored Sessions into Export Sessions for dynaTrace Viewer


My dynaTrace license has expired so I can no longer have access to the stored sessions. Is it possible to convert stored sessions into export sessions to be viewed in dynaTrace Viewer?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Anoh,

Easiest would be to take the stored sessions directly from the folder the dynaTrace server stores them. If you go to C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.0.0\server\sessions\stored - or wherever you store your sessions - you will find there is one folder for each stored session. Just zip that whole folder, rename it to .dts and you have a exported session file you can import.

The folder structure inside the ZIP/DTS should be like this example:

  • easyTravel
    • 20140306110405_0.session
      • agents.dtsf
      • apiCache.dtsf
      • ...

Best, Roman

This problem can also be solved as follows:

  • install dynaTrace client or portable client from the downloads page
  • the client can be used without server connection to view offline sessions
  • move the sessions from the dynaTrace server (DT_HOME/server/session/stored) to the client offline session folder ($HOME/.dynaTrace/dynaTrace 6.0.0/client/sessions/offline)
  • launch the client and the sessions should show up in the "offline" category