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Copy business transactions from Appmon 6.5 to 7.2



I'm busy consolidating 3 6.5 AppMon servers to a single AppMon server as they are monitoring applications in the same portfolio and environment. At the same time, we upgraded the new single server to 7.2. I migrated one of the 6.5 servers using the data migration tool and that all worked fine. For the remaining 2 servers I also need to move business transactions and measures to the new single server.

I tried copy and paste from the 6.5 client to the 7.2 client but it does not allow that due to version mismatch.

What would be the best way to get the business transactions and measures from the 2 remaining 6.5 servers to the new 7.2 server?


Try exporting system profiles on those instances and import them to the new one. Then you should be able to copy data from them to the new system profile you already have without any problems.