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Cordova Single Page Application


we have instrumented a hybrid Mobile App of type Single Page Application developed in Angular and Typescript 2.4 with the plugin cordova 7.1.

On the UEM configuration we have activated the frameworks.

On dynatrace we see the UA related to the opening of the app.

With ADK integrated in the JS when it is downloaded, we are proceeding to integrate the API enterAction, leaveAction and reportEvent as written on the documentation

Unfortunately on dynatrace I don't see any new AU and more information.

Given that I have no programming experience and am not the developer, is it possible that the native and dynamic part is not monitored?

On the documentation they show examples Web Application

Has anyone had any such situation, or could you suggest to me how to proceed?



Do you have access to Android Studio to see errors on LogCat output?


Hi Sebastian,
no, but I don't think there are any mistakes because they would have seen them.

Actually without access to your appmon configuration and dive into way you've instrumented application it may be difficult to say something.

Check again configuration for UEM on application side (application name, url where user actions are sent etc).

Be sure that your API endpoint that is receiving user actions is instrumented by appmon properly and UEM is turned on there.

If you will failed I suggest open support ticket and share with them details about this situation.



we made a call with support and solved a few problems.

It made us change some configurations in the application, and install a new plugin.


Cool, I’m glad you can move forward 🙂


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Sebastian is already telling you what is needed: The logcat. Because this is the only way to see if something is wrong on the native side. Additionally check the console in the Chrome Developer Tools. It would be interesting to see a error because the API is not available. (Or something similar).