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Correct usage of confirm incident and set incident in progress

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Community,

As the documentation is rather poor on this topic, what is the intended usage of the 'confirm incident' and 'set incident in progress' features?

So far I know confirming incidents can be used in conjunction with smart alerting to suppress excessive triggering of incident actions. Also, confirming an incident will remove it from the Incidents Overview dashlet. What other use cases are there?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Radu,

I don't believe there are any other cases outside what you have already listed.


Hi Flo,

So what about "incident in progress" - what does that do?


I agree with James. It is only useful if the customer doesn't already use an external ticketing system to update the progress (i.e. someone is working on it).


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey Radu,

I think they're supposed to be for when a lot of a support team are familiar with and using AppMon for their triage and problem resolution, so you might use "In Progress" once an incident is being investigated or work is underway to resolve it but it is not resolved yet. This would prevent others from seeing it and starting work on their own. There is also the "Assign Incident" option so you can set an individual AppMon user as being responsible for its resolution. A lot of places probably already have external systems for this so which is why using confirm and smart alerting is the most common in my experience.


Thanks James, this makes a lot of sense.