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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Could I migration just Systemprofile and dashboard?


Hi,This is Ryotaro

I want to miguration just Systemprofile and dashboard. (5.6→6.3)

I mean, want to combine the Systemprofile and dashboard with already working DynaTrace 6.3.

Should I use migration tool? or any other way?

Could you tell me how to export and import the Systemprofile and dashboard data between DynaTrace5.6 and 6.3?

best regards




Hi Ryotaro!

Thanks for the question. It is actually very easy to do this. In 5.6 you can right click on your system profile and select "Export System Profile" which will open a dialogue box so you can save it on your machine, more here. You don't need to use the migration tool for this.

Importing it is also a walk in the park. Just right click on system profiles and select "import System Profile", more here.

It is also very possible to export your dashboards too, since they are also XML based. When you save your dashboard in the client, just select either the Dynatrace Server you wish to save it to from the dialogue box which appears, or you can save it to your machine. You can open this dashboard by choosing it from wherever you have saved it. More here scroll down and look for "Reuse and share dashboards".

Ryotaro, I hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions!

Hi, Gary

Thank you for your answer. I Could see the information.

I don't have to care about defference of version, right? (5.6→6.3)

I want to know, this way is not affected by defference of version or not.


best regards