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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Could we apply a fixpack ourselves when the Server is a SaaS one



How should we apply latest fixpack if our Server is SaaS based, could we do ourselves or dynatrace support can only do that..?

In my case we have recently upgraded to from 6.3, do my current version have any fixpack if so where should I check, because I couldn't find anything updates window in client.

Or is this a latest update/fixpack for version 6.5 because I could see 6.5.10 version in the Highly Recommended Updates in downloads.


Hi Shashi,

It's been a while since I've worked with a SaaS instance so I'm not certain if the process has changed but in the past I would upload the fixpack to the server and then put in a support ticket asking them to apply it and make the necessary restarts.

Hope this helps,



Hi Shashi,

You are already on the latest version available and 6.5.x represents fixpack applied, check under History tab and it'll show you all the patches applied. The image you shared will be the place to check on any Fixpack that's added but yet to be applied.

The easiest way to validate is check the State that should either show Active, Inactive etc.

Also, it's strongly recommended to leverage Support Team when applying any changes on SaaS platform since they own and manage the health of it.

You can apply it yourself once added but I would prefer using the Services which your Organization is paying for.

Thanks & Regards,



Thanks for hearing from you Dan & Uzair..