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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Counting WebRequests with specific parameters



we have created a BT in which the filter is a measure of the type "web requests - parameter value (Business Transaction Evaluation/Filter/Splitting Values), as follows.

Now our scope is defining an incident based on
how many times this specific BT is called, so i can't use the measure "WebRequest Count" because Ineed to count not only the URI,
but also the parameters included in the URI. We don't find a way to implement
this feature, could you help us in solving this problem?

Thanks in advance



Hello Simone,

I tried to add simple counter in BT as your described and there was no result. Maybe i had reproduced something wrong.

If it is only need for incident - you can copy your measure and set another threshold: for example 5, and then you can create incident rule.

If technical users want to investigate the indecent they will use your configured Business Transaction. You will have incident rule and BT.