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Create a business transaction

Track the successful customer logins to site vs. failures .Is it possible in dynatrace?




It's possible, for example you can create a measure that gets the number of errors on login (i.e. "Invalid credentials" or something like that) and then compare it on a single graph to another measure on the login action (method that would not return an error.

Let me know if you need help with this,


ok. can u please help me in creating a business transaction for the same?


First what you need is to know the method that's being called whenever a login is performed,

your dev team should know about this. Once you know the method or the Web Request, you need to know what return parameter you get that will allow you to tell if the login failed or not.

For example you can have a "String login(String username, String password)" method that would return a String or a Integer containing either an error code or a custom error such as "Invalid username or password".

Based on that you can then create a measure (

You'd have two measure, one for a failure and one simply for the successfull call of the login method.

I recommend you use the link above to see how to create such measure, you will also have in the same section the procedure for business transactions.

If you need more help, please let me know,


I didn't find any information in that link. It was just to update my profile.

I tried to create a measure for login failure and login success and I was able to create it successfully. But only thing I need to know about the business transaction where I can correlate both the measure?


So if you created a measure for the successfull login, then create one for the failed login. You won't need a business transaction then, you can just create a chart that shows the count for both measure, a stacked bar chart or a pie chart seems appropriate for this.

Does this help ?


ok thank you

You can create multiple BT based on Methods Return value.

Create Following BTs:

MyApplication - Post Login - Total : filter by Measure Based on Invocation of The Login method

MyApplication - Post Login - Success :

filter by Measure Based on return value of The Login method contains Success Criteria

MyApplication - Post Login - Failure :

filter by Measure Based on return value of The Login method contains Non-Success Criteria

Further, If returning codes are fixed, you can split the transactions based on Technical and Business failure.


MyApplication - Post Login - FailureSplit :

filter by Measure Based on return value of The Login method contains Non-Success Criteria AND SPLIT BY return value containing non success and Transaform Regex to select the error part.

This will give all the Failure type (User error or actual application failures).

Further you can create an Alert BT that would alert the application in case return value contains Technical Failure(MyApplication - Post Login Failure - Alert).

To correlate, plot the Meter chart containing three transactions.