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Create a measure for each application is disabled in "measure details"



Hi Team,

I have created an incident rule by selecting a measure under Server Side Performance->agent based measures>Java Virtual Machine->IBM Java Heap Used. Now, I want to make that measure applicable to particular application not for particular agent. When I tried to change through the details of measure "create a measure for each application" option was disabled. can you help me out on how to enable it or how to make that measure applicable only to particular application. PFA



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I believe the reason for this is that since applications are defined by characteristics of requests and transactions, there is no way to tie this to such a measure that is across the entire JVM. We can't say "this request used 3kb of heap" or anything like that. That measure is likely obtained by the equivalent of some command checking heap usage. Since there is no way to correlate this that configuration is disabled, as even if it were possible to changeit it wouldn't actually have an impact because it would still be measuring heap usage across the entire JVM.


Thanks James. But our problem is we want to measure heap utilization of Tim Tam application which is in two servers seperately(one has heap memory of 3GB and other has 4GB). So, we have created a measure in which there is an option to specify only agent like Tim Tam. But we need to create a measure for each server seperately for that we didn't find any option to specify like to a particular server. Is there any possible way to create measure like this? If yes, please explain in a detailed manner.

@Praveena P. did you solve the issue?