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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Create business transction


Hi Team,

I have a requirement to create Business transaction for the below web request. I have given the sample web request details.

URI= /api/app/obligation Query=globalid=123 & sessionid=5678

URI=/api/app/payment Query=globalid=37645

URI=/api/app/transfer Query=attid=37645

URI=/api/app/fund Query=attid=37645 & globalid=8765

I want to create the business transaction for the above web request to obtain the below details.

1. Filter all the web request which starts with URI=/api/app/* and query contains globalID=* (both the condition should match)

2. Split results by glabalid , so that we can able to measure how many user has been accessed the application.

Please help us with creating business transaction. Please let me know for nay other information.

Thanks & Regards

Selvan J


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Selvan J!

Try making a Server-Side Business Transaction.

1. With this configuration for the Filter: sutdlc91.png

2. And this splitting value configuration: i9g2bzp1.png

Please note that Business Transactions have splitting limits set to 5,000 splits by default. And up to 50,000 splits maximum. Once they hit their limit, the Performance Warehouse stops storing splitting data for the Business Transaction.

If you only need the data for the most recent 1 hour, then de-select the checkbox in the BT Configuration for "Store results in the Performance Warehouse".

Kind regards,
Joshua P.