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Create custom measure for Failed Transaction Percentage

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hello all,

I'm trying to create a custom measure using the Failed Transaction Percentage (Error Detection) metric. My goal is to create a custom incident that triggers on only certain applications and using a higher threshold.

The Out-Of-The-Box Failed Transaction Percentage measure is used by other OOTB incident rule so I can't edit it. I need a new one so I can change the Details and the Thresholds.

The problem is that there is no way to create this custom measure, since I can't find it on the metrics list. Check the picture below:

How can I achieve this?


PS: The same issue happens with Failed User Action Percentage/Count measures



Hello Miguel,

Which version do you have? I can see the all the metrics and can create a custom one also. Mine is 6.5.11



Hi @Babar Q.,

I'm on 6.5.7.

Those are just not available for me to create a new measure, any idea of what can this be due to?

Hello Miguel,

Honestly don't know, may be a bug.

Try to upgrade if possible and also open a support case for further assistance.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Try just copying the measure you can see and pasting it. Then limit it to the specific application(s) of interest. You can also set DEBUG mode to create these measures. I have no idea why you need to be in DEBUG mode to see them, but that is the trick...

Hi @Dave M.

Not a valid option, the Copy option is grayed out for me..

Well, I see that now even on my end, even in DEBUG mode. Odd. However, you should be able to create the measures manually in DEBUG mode.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Miguel,

Just turn on DEBUG mode and then you can create the measures.



Hi Dave,

It doesn't work. I tried the DEBUG Mode, and although I can create the new measure with a different name and different configuration, it doesn't get saved once I click on Apply. This is actually weird.

Hi Miguel,

This is very weird behavior. I confirmed it by creating a brand new system profile and adding the measures and saw, like you did, that the measures act like they are saved and everything is normal, but they do not actually appear in the measures after the "save".

I can only speculate that these measures are "special", which is why you can only create them in DEBUG mode. But I think there may be a bug in that it should not appear to create them but not create them.

Maybe someone with better knowledge of the internals can comment.

Sorry for leading you down a dead end path!



Hi Dave, thank you very much for taking the time to look at this. It is, indeed, weird. Maybe @Michael L. can throw a bit of light here?

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey @Miguel Xoel Garcia B.!

From what I remember, those measurements are created automatically (by default) with a Business Transaction. As far as I know, these measurements are not available to items not calculated via a BT.

Kind regards,

Joshua P.

That might actually be a good work around. Just create a BT with a filter like PurePath count > 0 per application, and use the results measures.

Hello @Joshua P. and @Dave M.!

Well, this is not a valid workaround in my case. For this to be able to work, the results of the BT that is used have to be stored in the PWH. With this "lax" filter, the amount of memory used is too high for a Low-Overhead Production environment. In case you don't save your results to the Performance Warehouse, this message will show up.


Hi Miguel,

I think a good option is to create a custom measure for failed transaction percentage and apply it to only a specific application at once as such:

I created my measure like this (key changes: the source measure, unit and application selected):

Add then now an incident rule could be created from this measure

Hope this helps,

Hi @Lara K.!

This looks like a very good workaround!

The only thing that I will change (since I don't understand it very well) is this:

For the Threshold Violations > Count I would use a number 1 (not a percentage, since 5% = 0.05). This will means that every time that there is 1 or more threshold violations of the selected measure(Failed Transaction Percentage), this will get triggered.

What do you think?