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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Create error rules excluding some URIs



I want to edit an error rule to ignore a URI pattern but it's not working:

URI - Contains not: /.../..../.*\.jpg

Referrer - Starts not with: https://............................

Any ideas please?



Where are you attempting to edit this rule? In a measure? Dashboard Filter? Can you share a screenshot of your config? If you aren't concerned about jpg or other static files at all, you can exclude them as purepaths entirely in the System Profile>Agent Group> Sensor Config>(Web Server or Servlet) and exclude the pattern.

- Jacob P.


Hi @Jacob P.,

Thanks for replying. I tried what you've just recommended but still having those URIs showing up.

What I'm trying to do is to exclude the following URI pattern to not be marking the transaction as failed:

But it's still there:

@Nada B.

I should clarify, when you exclude that at the sensor config, it will only do it for all future incoming requests, not past data.

Are you just trying to exclude all errors that end with jpg? There should be a 'ends not with' option for the conditions, which you can just set to .jpg. Same is in the sensor config.

If you only want to exclude jpgs in that certain URI path then youll need to use 'not regex' instead of 'contains not'

- Jacob P.


Thank you @Jacob P. 🙂

That's perfectly fine now. I've been checking older records but for the new ones it's working!