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Create "alias" in "purePaths come from"


Hi Folks,

Few days ago a Engineer from dynatrace came to my businessl. I commented about a problem and he suggested create an "alias" I can't find how create this "alias" can any help me ? Thanks!!!

I have 2 agents:

Agent_Backend with he app: Application Agent Backend.

Agent_Frontend with he app: Application Agent frontend.

I need to capture the purepaths and create 2 different Bussiness Transaction (BT Backend, BT Frontend).

I try to "capture" this PP with this measure:

URI: Can't cause Two starts Uris are equals.

Web Application Id: In many Purepath the appid does'nt come .

Host: equal to web appid

Referer: When the call is from mobile device the referer is empty.

Any Idea?




Hello Alexander,

In order to create an alias in Dynatrace AppMon you would edit the system profile that the agent is mapped to, then open the agent mapping in the agent group and rename the agent if it is already connected to the server, if it is not connected, then you can enter the alias you desire and set the agent mapping.

You can then use this in the details section of your measure to determine which agents the measure will be created for.


David Nicholls


Ok I understat that, but how I capture the purepaths from XXX Aplications with this alias?

Hello Alexander,

You can open the PurePaths dashlet and then right click on the title, select edit filter, then click the agents tab. Once you are in this selection, you can check the box to enable dashlet specific filter and choose the agents that match your alias.


David Nicholls

Thanks David,
In my case 1 agent have N applications, I want to filter 1 of this app in my Business Transaction.

Tks Alex.

You can use the applications section of the system profile for this situation. You can edit the system profile and select applications, here you can set certain URLs, entry points and messaging details to help AppMon differentiate between your applications. Similar to how you filtered the agents in the PurePaths, you can filter by application.


David Nicholls