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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Create table to show the originating IP address of users connected to a server


We are monitoring an internal application where users connect to a web server either from a VM (with a fat client) or a Citrix server (with a fat client) through a load balancer. We can already see the Client IP in the Visits dashboard. I am trying to create a table where I can list by web server all of the users that are connected to it and what their client IP address is. I cannot seem to get this information into a new table. Can someone assist/guide/give tips, me on how I can do this?



Hello Ron,

You could try the following to see if it gathers the information that you need. Create a new business transaction and filter on "Web Requests - Client IP" then you can split this by agent. This should produce a table with the IPs that you want, split by the various agents that are capturing their traffic. You should be able to figure out their web servers from that if they are web server agents.


David Nicholls

Hey David,

I think he needs to Split by Web Request - Client IP not filter. Isn't it?

Create a BT splitting by Agent and Web Requests - Client IP.


When I try to create the BT and search on Web Requests I do not see a Client IP selection.

You will have to hit the create measure button. There will be a client IP measure in there. Remember to rename it something that is relevant to you so that you can know what it was used for in the future.


Hey Ron,

You would need to create 2 measures. In the filter section of your BT. Add a new measure and select Create Measure. The filter should be based on however the users connect to your webserver. If it is a web request URI by which they connect to the server, create a new "Web Requests Count" measure. Enter the URI by which users connect to your webserver and set the upper severe to "1.0" (see screenshot 1). Give it a relevant name and Add this measure to the filter section of your BT.

In the splittings section. You would do the same thing and create a new measure. Create a "Web Requests - Client IP" measure. You can add the URI here as well if you want ( you should not have to as the filter measure is already selecting the ones you need). Give it a relevant name and add it to the splittings section.

Also add the Split by agent to the splittings tab. You should have 2 measures in the splittings. One for your Web Requests Client IP and the other for "Agent". Your BT settings should look something like this

Hope This Helps