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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Creating BT w/ User Action filter on Sub Actions

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


I am currently in the process of creating a User Action based Business Transaction to show all User Actions without a particular action. For simplicity, let's say this is action has a name of 'Action (xyz)'. This Action (xyz) can occur on the entry point of a User Action as well as a sub action of another parent action (such as Loading of, click on, etc).

For the Business Transaction I want to create, I am trying to remove User Actions that contain 'Action (xyz)' for either the entry point action or sub action. What I thought would be an easy filter has turned out to be quite difficult. I've tried the filter combinations of..

1. User Action Count Measure - Action Name starts not with xyz

2. User Action Count Measure - Action Name starts not with xyz AND Sub-action Duration - Action Name starts not with xyz

3. Page Action Count Measure - Action Name starts not with xyz

4. (Business Transaction Measure) Page Actions - Name Measure - Action Name RegEx ^((?!xyz).)*$

All of these return back the same result where it filters out the User Actions where Action (xyz) happens at the entry point but not User Actions that contain the action as a sub action. I've exhausted all of my ideas to try to create this BT. Is it possible to achieve this in the tool? I know with measures related to PurePaths, we have the option to set by occurrance, but User Action measures do not have this option.

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not sure if it will make a difference but sometimes it seems to help to use 'matches' criteria for the filter but use a 0 lower threshold so it says to include user actions that have 0 occurrences of that action. Since your other filters seem to have worked at the starting action level I don't know if it will make a difference though.

Maybe you could try and find a server side purepath related to that action you can use as a substitute? The action count measure may not be working because the sub actions aren't considered actual actions, but rather sub-requests so aren't considered in that measure. At least that's what I would guess based on the behavior you describe.


Hey James,

Thanks for the response. As you mentioned, I don't think the thresholds would make too much of a difference since they seem to be working on the entry point actions.

The method you mentioned with the server-side Purepath would work in most cases, but unfortunately in this case the server-side calls are not unique to the particular action.