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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Creating a measure for HTTP 5xx response



I am seeing a HTTP response code 500 for a URI with count 3539. I would like to create a measure and then a incident for same.http-resp-code.png

I also see the same URI in webservices failing 81%.webservice-call.png

Can I create a measure out of this web service call

as Webservice count and use it for Incident. Can I achieve it this way?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


You can achieve this by creating an HTTP Response Stats Code Measure.

Go to the System Profile Preferences and select Measures on the left.

Here, you will select Create Measure...

This opens a window where you can select a measure to create, search for HTTP Response Status Code.

Give this measure a name, enter the URI you are interested in, and change the Value drop-down to starts and the field to 5 in order to capture all 5xx responses. Finally, set the Upper Severe threshold to 1, this will be used by the incident.

Once you've added this measure, go to Incidents and click Create Incident Rule.

This will open up a new window where you can add the measure to the incident.

Once you've done this, set the fields and Actions to your liking and that should be it.

Note: I like to set the Period to suppress further incidents to at least 30 minutes, in order to prevent receiving a flood of alerts.

HTH, let me know if you have any questions,