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Creating sensors using cookies


These are the cookies inserted in the Reverse Proxy server when a specific activity is performed. Can someone please suggest how these can be captures/located for sensor creation.

A host agent is installed and connected from the Reverse Proxy server. The agent is not appearing in the transaction flow/purepath hence we are trying this custom sensor configuration on the agent.

Cookie Pair : LastMRH_Session=81cd6666

Cookie Pair : TIN=287000

Cookie Pair : F5_ST=1z1z1z1510227316z604800


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Shikha,

this isn't going to work with a host agent. You need to capture these cookies at the next node (the web or application servers behind the proxy). The cookie value can only be captured by the built-in (Servlet-, Web Server) sensors (not the custom sensors). Best regards,


@Peter K. Okay so by that you mean the webserver agent or JAVA agent on the next application node should already be showing up these cookies? but where can we see the cookie data, if I want to locate it? should it be under classes or purepaths? Not really sure!

First you must have the cookie header being captured in the web servers or servlet sensors and the place you will see these once they are being captured is if you right click -> details on a web request or servlet method.