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Custom Chart can pull measures from all system profile, but not 'infrastructure'

As shown in screenshots, we can even pull data from self-monitoring or the default monitoring sys profile, just, not infrastructure.

And as you all can guess, actually the kind of agents that fall into 'infrastructure' system profile are host agents.

Recently I noticed that this can be quite a problem too because this means all the basic metrics (CPU, MEM, NET, and DISK) for these hosts with host agents, can only have data for the past 72 hours, not older than that.

Currently I am mapping all host agents to the 'monitoring' profile to work-around this. Anyone has any sleeker way to achieve the thing I want?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


you have access to the infrastructure host metric by clicking the infrastructure node in the cockpit -> charting -> custom.

See the following screenshot:

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