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Custom JXM measures for Multiple C3P0 pools on single Tomcat instance


I've seen the questions around JMX Tracking and the CP30 pool measure from a few years back, but they do not seem to solve the issue for me.

We're on 6.3 - moving to 6.5 soon. I would like to monitor 3 separate C3P0 pools that are created for 3 applications running on the same Tomcat. I have no visibility into which pool belongs to which app because only the Identity Token is exposed in the JMX "Browse Metrics" button (e.g. 2x1grv9m1csevo311uofsh|6a0704cc). I tried setting the dataSourceName - thought that might help, but still only see the Identity Token and clicking "Test" button for the dataSourceName attribute only returns a 0 (zero). Are there any further instructions on how to set up these custom JMX metrics for C3P0 pools?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Ron

Unfortunately there is no option right now to retrieve the data source name through the JMX Metrics Browser. We know that this would be a good feature to have but it is currently not available.