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Custom Sensor for Co-relating two Java JVMs


Dear All,

We have a mobile application based on 'Akka' framework. The situation we are facing that there are two Java Tiers for the application and after instrumented the application there are two different isolated PurePaths for each Tier.

Below screenshots are the references to our queries.

  1. First screenshot transaction flow is from Mob App to Tier-I but not further

2. Second screenshot transaction flow is from Tier-II onward

After placed some custom sensors we are able to see the PurePaths and the PurePaths tree in the Tier-II.

How to combine these isolated PurePaths in a single transaction flow?

We do not have source code with us.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

One potential way is to use java aspects to "instrument" the interesting parts of the remoting API. For this to work you need:

- knowledge (ideally source code) about how akka makes these remote calls

- knowledge of the dynatrace appmon java tagging adk

- knowledge of java aspect oriented programming

You can combine these and basically insert the .jar with your aspect code into the jvm start-up command line. I don't have any knowledge about akka so I'm not sure how much effort this would be.

Even more longterm: create an RFE for us to support akka remoting

Because of how Akka works, it is not possible to use the java tagging ADK here (you can ask Reinhard Pilz who worked with me on this for more details).

I think I created a RFE for Play and Akka when I was still working for Dynatrace but can't find it any more.