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Customize URL alerts


Hi All,

We are trying to set up alerts when One user hits a particular URL more than 10 times (this number is an example) in a row, Is it possible?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You might be able to detect 10 hits of a single URL in a visit, but not in a sequential row.

Take a look at the UserActionCount metric. You can specify the URL and it measures the number of invocations of that URL for a Visit.


when i create a user action count it will give me total count of user action, But I want individual count i mean User 1 has hitting URL 4 times.

When you edit the Measure, there's the ability to limit by the User Action name. Look under the "User Actions Measure Specific Attributes" when editing the Measure.

thanks for reply Joseph.

I tried this option I am getting total count for selected timeframe but not individual count i mean per user count.