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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DB Total Time Measure not capturing data



I'm trying to capture Total DB call time from the Application server. This is to demonstrate and validate that DB is functioning as expected. I have created DB Time measure and used that as a filter for a BT.

0 data captured while I was able to see many DB calls. Please see the attached screenshot of the configured measure and let me know where I went wrong.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

No screenshot attached.

If you're using it as a filter for a BT it'll need to have a threshold on the filter measure as well for it to work. Also, not sure what is added by using a BT instead of just using the measure itself if you're just interested in seeing if there is DB activity.


Sorry I forgot to attach the file. Here it's. I did add the threshold but yet no data. I created BT to see the results.


If you chart the measure shown there (the one you're using as a filter) does it have data?

Yes, when I chart the measure it does have data. But under BT none.

What am I doing wrong?



Hard to say without seeing the BT config could you post that with as much info as possible?

Also just wanted to note again - I'm not sure what the benefit of using this in a business transaction would be if you're just interested in creating an incident off of the DB time. The measure alone will give you that.

with BT easy to see the each data point with additional data and can baseline a threshold easier. Attached at the Screenshot of BT and Measure.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Thanes,

Put the DB time in the 2nd box or calculate results, this should fix your problem. Right now you are telling the BT to use your DB time measure as a filter instead of a calculation.



moving from filter to calculate results didn't work either please see the attached SS.


What you have there has no filtering at all so if you aren't getting data from that you probably have a whole other problem. To verify, how are you determining that nothing is being captured?

To explain what you're actually doing, by having it as a filter you're saying include in the bucket of transactions every PurePath that has at least 1 ms of DB time and are calculating the aggregations of overall response time, count, and failures.

By including it as the calculated results you're saying for every PurePath calculate the aggregated DB time. Even if there is no DB time they would still be included which is why it would be very odd if that business transaction had nothing matching.

I guess BT is not going to workout for the DBTime.

I will work with the chart and determine the baselines for alerting.

Thanks for your help both.