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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DB resposne time is high but purepath resposne time is normal for same application

Hi team,

In my accounts, I can see high pool utilization and also high connection usage time in backend DB. Users also reported as slow performance.

But when I check purepath response time for same application. It showing response time as normal. How it is possible?

Purepath is end to end trace right?

can anyone help me for this?


Check the duration of your purepaths, it could be that the purepath response time is small but duration is high.

it could be possible that the purepath is corrupt or timed out.

No.. Purepath response time and Duration both are same value.

we have 100+ application. In all the applications, I can see pure path response time is high whenever DB response time is high.

But this application (OLPC) alone having a problem. DB connection usage resposne time is high but purepath resposne time is very very normal.

Can you post some screenshots or examples?

Hi Team,

Application Name - CNBS External,

Screen shot - Pool Utilization, DB Connection usage time, Purepath average web response time

Date & Time -15:50 to 16:50 / 15-Feb

Purepath Response time - Maximum (Not average) - We have average 1.5 Minutes only

DB Response time - Maximum 400 Seconds - 5 minutes.

Question - Purepath response time is low when comparing to DB response time.