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DT Appmon 7.0 is not supporting Open JDK 11version


Java agent on open jdk 11 is not connecting to DT appmon server 7.0.x. any suggestions?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Mohan, Did you check the release notes to ensure you're running a supported OS?

I would look in the Agent logs to see if there are any messages indicating why it could not connect. In a JVM, this might also be seen in the STDERR or STDOUT logs. Perhaps a firewall is preventing the connection.


Hi Mohan, As Joe Hoffman noted, the agent log will show why it is not connecting.

We are running v7.2 (AppMon 2018 October) and found that you need to use the new AppMon agent platform Java agent for Java 11 environments. We did attempt to use the Classic Agent platform Java agent but it did not connect and there was a agent log entry "warning [native] Java 9 or higher is not supported by this Agent!"

You can find the compatibility matrix for the Agent Platform here:

Looks like you will need to update from v7.0 (AppMon 2017 May) to v7.2 (AppMon 2018 October) and also switch the agent platform from Classic to AppMon agent.