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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DT_DISABLEINITIALLOGGING not suppressing powershell messages


On a new 2012 Server I'm unable to get powershell to not display the console messages for the Dynatrace Agent even with the DT_DISABLEINITIALLOGGING variable set to true.

2016-03-11 18:05:35 [00000370] info [native] Loading collector peer list from D:/Program Files (x86)/dynaTrace/dynaTr
ace Agent 6.0.0/agent/conf/collectorlist.unnamed

2016-03-11 18:05:35 [00000370] info [native] Agent has no active settings - running normally

Windows PowerShell

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Ignore the 6.0 in the path, I assure you this is a 6.2 agent. Are there any issues using Powershell 5 that is causing the DT_DISABLEINITIALLOGGING to be ignored?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Perhaps when you defined this variable it is not being applied to the process running powershell. A reboot is a sure way to fix this, then of course confirm that your DT_DISABLEINITIALLOGGING is still defined at the system level, which will ensure all processes and services see it.

Sorry forgot to mention that part. I did try a reboot of the OS after applying the system variable. It was added to the System environment variables. I also tried to disable the agent. When I did that the messages didn't come up when I launched powershell, but reappeared when I reactivated the agent. I doublechecked that I had the spelling right on the environment variable and that looks right, but for some reason it just won't go away, which is causing some issues with some of the automation powershell scripts run by Chocolatey.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What you've done sounds correct, so I started digging in our patch history.

V6.2.0.1300 has a fix to this problem. But if you upgrade to the latest 6.2 build or to the latest product release (6.3), you'll have the fix. Sorry for the confusion. was what was installed and I haven't connected it to a collector to get bootstrapped up. So that's the answer. Thanks so much for this!!

Is there a download link for the 6.2.1300 installer? The only version I see for the 6.2 group is the installer. That link suggests that there's a installer available.

I suggest upgrading your system to 6.2.6 as a general good idea. But this will not replace the bootstrap file that you need.

To update the bootstrap file for the agent, you will need to install a new agent on that machine(s) manually. This agent download is available from the download page.

Select the 6.2 version on the left side. Then the top of the page says, but if you download the "All Agents for Windows" item, you'll notice the actual file you get is

Sneaky! Got the agent downloaded. Thanks so much for your help!!