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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

DT agent log file.


Hi Team,

Currently, I want to delete log files which are older than 30 days in all the production servers(DT/logs). By default is there is any log rotation is available in DT server or we need to write a script to achieve this.

Please let me know the feasible way to achieve the log rotation.

Thanks & Regards

Senthamilselvan J


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Senthamilselvan,

For Agent logs, by default, each Agent limits its number of log files to 5, rotating the file index (index 0 is never deleted). The agent deletes log files when a log file is older than 14 days, the combined size of all log files exceeds 1GB, or there are more than 1000 log files.

For DT Server logs, I'm not sure what mechanism is in place.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


Thanks Radu,

I have installed DT agent on one server in the month of August, but I can able to see all the log files in DT agent logs till today. In my case the combined size of the file is 900MB only but as you said the logs older than 14 days deletion logic is not happening. Please let me know if i need to configure/change any setting to achieve this.

Thanks & Regards
Senthamilselvan J

One question - what version are you on?

we are on DT 6.3

Ok. This mechanism has been in place since 6.1, so it should be working.

I suggest you open a support ticket as there may be something wrong with the product.

Just to add that, according to Christopher (DT dev), the server log rotation is based only on size.

Also, The link to the docs that state Radu's answer regarding agent logs is here (6.3) and here (6.5)


I read the details about "Log Aging" for DT agent, is we need to modify any setting to achieve to "purges logs files older than 14 days" or by default the it will work for all agents.

In my case the purging is not happening, I can able to see all the log files which are 3 months old also.