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DT7.0 - Using Auto-Detected Application for Web UI Dashboards


In DT 6.5, we could filter a Web UI Dashboard using our auto-detected applications by selecting it in the dropdown box along the top of the screen. However, in DT7.0, we can no longer select any auto-detected applications, only ones that have been defined manually in the System Profile. The option for all applications is still there, but trying to filter by a single auto-detected one is impossible.

Looking at the applications built-in dashboard, we see this message under all the auto-detected applications:

This is an issue since we don't really have the resources to commit toward manually defining all 530 of the auto-detected applications. Is there a way to move all of them to the manually defined section without having to go line-by-line copying the auto-detected apps to the manually defined apps? Or is there a setting which will make the auto-detected apps available to the Web UI like they were previously?



You can create a custom application from an auto detected one. Right click on it and select Create and copy settings...

You have to do this manually for every application, but this is still faster then creating every application with its definition by hand.