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Dashboard is not showing latest data


Our client experience that the dashboard with timeframe of 1 hour will show missing data as shown below:

The dashlet only showing 2 hosts CPU usage while the other 6 hosts are missing. After refresh it would still missing. However, it would appear if click on previous 1 hour and comeback to latest 1 hour. Nevertheless, it also happen when the timeframe is set to 30min:


5 min:

The graph will show CPU usage of 2 hosts only while the other 6 hosts are missing. It only happen for this application.

It is impacting their daily operation as they cannot see the latest monitoring data and suspected it went offline. Else they have to keep go to previous 1 hour and comeback to last 1 hour.

i have double check on the infrastructure overview. There are data as shown in image below:

Due to some reason, our client are still using the AppMon version 7.0.25 and it is EOL. Please help.


Hello, the question is if agent on those hosts are able to send data to collector live. Arent network intefaces exhausted there? Did you check agent and collector logs?


If you have those data on host tab, but not on dashboard it may be issue. In general you can upgrade appmon server without upgrading agents so it can be done. In general I suggest checking collector health, server health, server logs and if there is no interesting entries, open support ticket.


Hi Sebastian, how do we know the host send the data to collector live? Anyway we can check? When I checked for the agent and collector logs what should I look for? I could not open a support ticket, AppMon is in End Of Life (EOL).


On agent log I would look for any information about connection interruption with collector, on collector maybe the same. But strange information is that host tab has live data, and chart doesn't. It should work on the same portion of metrics. I've never had such situation so I can't advice you about particular log message. If your client has bough maintenance It may be good point for upgrade. You don't have to switch from classig to appmon agents if you don't want to.