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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dashboards still show while permission are set on profiles


Hey all,

Do to the fact that we have development groups, admins and other teams using our Dynatrace server the thought came clear that it would be nice to set up AD groups and hook Dynatrace on LDAP.

The first LDAP group is now configured for a development team. The permissions for this group is set so they can see two system profiles (and block out the other 10 profiles). This works fine and they can only see those two system profiles after logging in.

The issue occurs when they try to open a dashboard. They can see all dashboards, also including the ones that are created for different system profiles. I am aware of the functionality to give permissions to certain dashboards, but I would actually like to see that development group only being able to see the dashboards that are related to the two system profiles they have access to. This can also be handy if a developer creates a dashboard and the other can read it, whitout changing permissions manually.

Is it possible to accomplish something like this?


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Currently if you have configured access to the "<default>" dashboard in your group this means all dashboards stored on the server can be accessed by members of that group (however, some might show no data due to missing permissions on the system profile used as their source).

IMO there is no way to automatically limit access to those dashboards which have an "allowed" system profile configured as their source. I assume this is intentional as you can override the dashboards source (i.e. system profile) on a per dashlet-basis...

Regardless, I agree that it would be a good candidate for an RFE, assuming that "mixed-source" dashboards are not very common...


Hello Nicolas,

May be below can help,

Each account has a user group in where you can add dashboards. Add only dashboards that a certain team may see. Remove the 'default' dashboard. In that way each team uses his account and will only see his own dashboards.


Hey Steven,

Thanks for the response! I'm actually looking for a way to NOT assign dashboards to certain groups. The groups will have several System profiles assigned and I want them to see only the dashboards within this profiles without setting permissions per dashboard.

Or Maybe I completely understood you wrong. If so, is it possible to link me to the place where your suggestion is explained?

Hello Nivard,

I misunderstood your question, as enrico said if you use <default> all dashboards can be accessed, this was the post in where we suggest to assign dashboards: