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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dashlet Type Selection taking into account user permissions


I'm trying to make it easier to our users of Dynatrace by limiting the number of possible dashlets they can use. Some of them selected the dashlet 'Browser Purepath' while in fact they should have used the dashlet 'Purepath'. So I removed from them the permission to analyze 'Browser PurePath'. Now they get the error message 'Insufficient Permissions to... Please contact your administrator'.

Is there a way to hide dashlet types when the user does not have permissions to it?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I have never seen an option to remove dashlets from the list. My main recommendation would be to send a note to your users explaining the difference between the dashlets or providing them with a recommended list of dashlets.

For example, you could tell them that:

- for a functional issue (availability, errors, exceptions), open first errors, exceptions and logs dashlets.

- for a performance issue, open the dashlets having 'hotspots' in the name

- for an infrastructure issue, open the monitoring tab and follow the bottom-right link to host and processes health or the infrastructure dashboard.

Then the second step would be to drill-down to PurePaths eventually. For User Experience Management, recommend Visits, User actions, User Actions PurePaths and PurePaths.

If you think this is a feature that should be added to the tool, please submit the idea on this forum:



Hello Nic,

Thanks for your feedback. So I know I don't need to look further.

A recommended list of dashlets will indeed help.

As we have limited usage of UEM, the list of applicable dashlet types could shrink a lot, what makes it easier to use. So I'll submit the idea on the forurm.

Best regards

Hello Nicolas,

May be you can try this,


Create all the dashboards that you need for the different teams(each default dashboard can also be saved on the server with a name of your choice). Then create different user accounts, each account has a user group in where you can add dashboards. Each team / member can now use a certain account and will only see his dashboards. You can go even further, we created for each team a default screen with links to certain dashboards, in that way they can navigate from the main screen to different sub screens, this improves a lot the usability as the rich client is a rather complex GUI.


Some users will be a lot happier if they can use the dynatrace web client, a nice and easy web GUI.

It all depends on what they want to do (high level versus deep diving). We use both client next to eachother.


@Dirk, Steven's suggestions are excellent! Especially the first one, open all the dashlets you want them to use and give them access to that dashboard on start up!


Thank you for the suggestions. Specific dashboard can indeed help a lot.