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Data past a certain date is gone


I have made no changes to my server settings in the past few days. Today I tried to look at visits/purepaths and they only go back to 2/1/2016. All of my filters are cleared and dates are correct. I have tried adding new dashboards, closing client and everything but when i go back 30 days I only see purepaths dating back to the 2/1/2016.

The only difference I did was create a session storage of this same subset of data for review. I also tried to reanalyze the purepaths for it but was not able to finish the run. Could this have caused the purepaths to not appear in my normal(non-session storage) client view? That session storage has since been deleted.


Jarod, Have you checked the storage tab of your Dynatrace server? If you have less then 5GB of free space then your server may be deleting the oldest purepaths in your session storage. You can check this by opening your Dynatrace client, going to settings, dynatrace servers, <select appropriate server if more then one>, then click on storage. The usage will be in the upper right.


No this shows as fine as well, though as I was thinking earlier I do not know what it was at when I had the manually stored session. Now I am talking about purepaths that are not in session storage itself, jsut ones gone to by server>profile>diagnose performance>purepaths. Will these still be deleted if session storage is low?


With further investigation I seem to only see roughly this far back for any of my system profiles. The one below only dates back to 1/29/2016.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


Have you tried going into DEBUG mode and then right clicking on session storage "Open Session Browser". Lets take a look at what is being stored via continuous session storage.

We should be able to see when you started storing data and for how long the session storage is active and how much space is being consumed.

Also note you have other things like dumps and saves sessions consuming the same space.

Note what is locked and not deleted vs. items that are gray locks that can be deleted.


Hi Jared,

the session quota is used for storing purepaths and sessions (stored sessions, memory dump, CPU samples). It is a "rolling buffer", what is too old gets deleted when new data comes in if it runs out of space.

Your session quota is a bit small (99GB). I think what happened is that when you saved the session, it used a fair amount of space and there was not much left for your live purepaths. By deleting the session, you made some space back but your historical purepaths have gone for good I'm afraid.

The idea is that if you save a very large session it will try to squeeze it in your 99GB and what is left is for you live (most recent) purepaths.

Don't forget that purepaths are not meant to stay forever. If you want to do trending analysis, you should be using measures. Measures stay indefinitively in your warehouse. As it is aggregated data, they take far less space.



Thanks, I only wanted the purepaths to re-run a new BT against them which is why I was trying to do the stored session. Do these purepaths in the "rolling buffer" exist on the server anywhere? So say if I restored a disc from a backup can they be returned? I just need to know what I am dealing with in terms of access to the data, if I could possibly get any back or not.

Hi Jared, as Flo said, the purepaths are stored in the ring buffer. This is actually a set of flat files. The location on which is set in the storage settings. In your case E:\Dynatrace\Sessions\Stored ... So taking a copy of the machine and drive then restoring to a previous date might retrieve these files.... But you'd obviously lose the newer files in the ring buffer. This, of course, is fraught with potential pitfalls. Can you not grab some more recent data?

In future, if you need guaranteed long term storage, I'd recommend choosing the Export option rather than Store. This provides a .dts session file which you can save to disk and thus never lose the data.

Gotcha, that makes sense. No I was looking for data from a specific date range in the past. I will just make due with what I have and be more warry about creating sessions, thanks for.


My question is relevant to this one, as I want to check how many transactions (requests) in my system for past 6 months or so, but DT is not showing any data before 3 days. I have used existing measure (Request Counts); but they aren't available even after few days (measures I am using are Request count, Memory Utilisation, Network Utilisation, and Disk Read/Write). Do I have to change any settings to access those aggregate measures?