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Data reported by an agent disconnected


Hi, we have DT 6.5 and would like to know how much time can we have data reported by an agent after its disconnection, and what kind of data.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not clear on what you're asking. If you're asking if there is some sort of buffer data collected by the agent can be stored until it is connected again there is a small buffer (looks like around 96B) but this is more for managing the communication to the collector as opposed to storing data while disconnected.

If you're asking about data that is already visible in the AppMon client this data is already analyzed, pieced together/correlated, and stored in session files on the server and these will be available regardless of whether the agent that sent the data is still connected. No data will be missing from these stored sessions that was there when they were created and the will continue to be there until the session storage file space starts to run out of room and the older ones will get removed to make room for newer ones. You can see how far back you have data for a given system profile by right clicking -> details on the system profile in the client cockpit on the left.


Hi James, thanks by your answer. We're interested knowing how far back time can we analyze data reported by an agent after have been disconnected it. We know normal behavior is losing that capacity, and we cannot see any purepath... but we wanted to be sure about that, if there're any exception, report or kind of data that remains for analize after the agent disconnection.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Antonio,

the Agents (assuming you are talking about one of Java/.NET/Web Server/PHP/node.js) have an internal buffer, which is usually 10MB per default. if the Agent loses the connection, this buffer will be filled up until it's nearly full. at this point the Agent will stop creating new PurePaths until the buffer is really full. then it will discard any new data.

how long it takes for the buffer to be full depends on the load and instrumentation level of your application. could be less than a second, but could also be more than an hour.

however, even in the best case the AppMon Server can only correlate and persist data that is at most 10 minutes old. if the data is older than that it will be discarded by the Server.

HTH, Christian