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DataPower Plug-In not returning data



Running dynatrace v4.2 and DataPower Plug-in I set 'system statistics' on for a few domains, including 'default' and 'services_dev'. Getting all correct data for 'default' domain. When I setup a new monitor for domain 'services_dev' it always provides 'null' for most measures including memory. The only measures I get are FirstResponseDelay, HeaderSize, HostReachable, HttpStatusCode, ResponseComleteTime, ResponseSize, Throughput. Using SOMA 'get-stats' operation from the soap-UI I can retrieve the values (for memory, as example) just fine.

This is the only output I see in the DataPower Plug-in log when running the plugin:

2013-05-23 13:07:31 INFO DataPowerMonitor@DP EADPDEV01 - services_dev_0 Executing method: POST, URI: http://eadpdev01:5550/service/mgmt/current, SOAP Envelope: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><env:Envelope xmlns:env=""><env:Body><dp:request domain="services_dev" xmlns:dp=""><dp:get-status class="ConnectionsAccepted"/></dp:request></env:Body></env:Envelope>

2013-05-23 13:07:31 WARNING HttpMethodBase@DP EADPDEV01 - services_dev_0 Going to buffer response body of large or unknown size. Using getResponseBodyAsStream instead is recommended.

2013-05-23 13:07:31 WARNING HttpConnection@DP EADPDEV01 - services_dev_0 HttpConnectionManager is null. Connection cannot be released.

I tried different domains other than 'default' and they behave the same way.

Any assistance is appreciated. This would be a great plug-in to monitor domain memory if I can get it to work.




Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Can you post the contents of the SOAP Request you are performing from SOAP-UI for the 'get-stats' operation on a different domain?

I ran the SOMA “get-stats” operation from soapUI to get the memory statistics. Here is the request I sent:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">


<dp:request domain="services_dev" xmlns:dp="">

<dp:get-status class="MemoryStatus"/>




Here’s the response I got back:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">


<dp:response xmlns:dp="">



<MemoryStatus xmlns:env="">














From within the DynaTrace monitor, here is the string being passed by the DataPower plugin. It returns 'null' values for memory regardless of whether I specify 'MemoryStatus' or leave SOMAMONITORCLASS in.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><env:Envelope xmlns:env=""><env:Body><dp:request domain="services_dev" xmlns:dp=""><dp:get-status class=""/></dp:request></env:Body></env:Envelope>


Would someone be able to provide an update? Thank you! Dan


I figured out the issue, it was security related - the plug-in is now returning correct info for each domain.  Actually, for some reason, I had to switch from using 'admin' to use a priviledged account.   


Hi ,

I am facing similar issues.Response in Dynatrace returns null for most of the metrics.I have tried both admin & PA credentials.Is there something other than the credentials cause the issue ?