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Database Agent when databases are behind VIP



I see the note about Oracle RAC but I want to ensure the correct thing to do for our configuration. If we had the DB Agent, would we be best suited to monitor the individual hostnames or the vip/loadbalancer address, given the apps access the vip?


Rick B


Hello Rick,

DB Agent needs to connect to individual RAC nodes directly, so you shouldn't use VIP address to configure it. When creating the DB Agent, pick the "Oracle RAC" as the database type and provide network address of one of the nodes, the remaining ones should be automatically discovered (you'll be prompted to confirm that).

In case there's a problem with the discovery process, you may still add nodes one by one, but in such case pick plan "Oracle" as the database type. Configured DB Agents will still be grouped using the cluster name

Best regards,


Oops, sorry! I used RAC as the "distributed" example but did not mention we are using MySql