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Datapower - Fetch all domains automatically



We've recently set up DataPower to monitor a large set of DP Domains. This meant that we had to create a lot of monitors.

And now we have a huge amount of measures that must be added to dashboards one by one and clutter up the measure list when building dashboards not related to DataPower.

Is it possible to modify the DataPower plugin so that it automatically fetches all, or a list of domains into one measure? This would make it much easier to set up and maintain, as well as giving us the option to view aggregates and split as desired. Just like out-of-the-box measures.

On a further note, we notice that a lot of the values reported from DataPower on each domain are surprisingly similar. For instance, it seems that the CPUUsage measures are always identical or close to identical for all domains on the same appliance. It seems they are either the value for one domain (perhaps "default") or the values for the device. An extra benefit of querying all the domains at the same time would be that device measures could be split explicitly from domain measures.

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Thor Are


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The plug-in is open source and community supported. You could look into changing it around yourself. In essence you need to poll the SOMA interface and ask for the DomainStatus, then parse through the list to get all domains.

We are currently in EAP with a supported plugin for Dynatrace for DataPower if you plan to convert. That one takes regex statements to select which domains you want to poll.

Just out of curiosity, how many domains do you have?



OK, thanks for the answer.

A supported plugin will be very much appreciated when we are ready for Dynatrace.

We have the most domains in the test environment with around 30 right now.


@Michael L. I notice that you have a fact sheet for the DataPower Extension for Dynatrace now. Does this mean it is available for use? Can you tell me which authentication type this uses for connecting to Dynatrace?

Hi, we are using an ActiveGate plugin to poll DataPower, so no specific authentication needed to connect to Dynatrace. DataPower is a paid and supported extension, you can reach out to your account manager for pricing information.


I notice I misstated my question. The question is the method used by Dynatrace to to connect to DataPower. This requires authentication with DataPower.

It requires a user with read access to the XML Management interface.

Yes, but technically, does it authenticate that user with Basic Authentication, OAuth2, JWS or some other mechanism? We would like to switch in part to get away from Basic Authentication.

The plugin currently uses basic authentication. If there is a strong need for another authentication method then that can be facilitated.

Thanks, we will report this to the customer.