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Default Application not appearing on monitoring overview v6.2



We recently set up a new system profile and created 2 applications. The Default application was the 3rd "application" appearing on the list appearing on the monitoring overview however since the weekend it is not appearing anymore in the monitoring overview. It is appearing though in the web requests dashboard where we are able to split by application and can see the URL's which are falling under that default application section. Is there a way to set the default application back onto the monitoring overview?




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Melissa

The Monitoring Overview shows data from those Business Transactions that you have selected to display on that Monitoring Overview Dashboard. By default it is the "Web Page Requests" Business Transaction. You can select other BTs that you want to monitor and baseline.

If all of a sudden you dont see this app any longer it means that there are no PurePaths coming in that map to these Business Transactions in that timeframe. Possible reasons are

#a) no traffic that match these BTs

#b) BT stopped working due to splitting issues, e.g: too many split values

#c) you deleted or deactivated these BTs

#d) the performance warehouse has an issue -> as all measures and baselines are stored in the PWH you need to verify that it stilil works

I would open the Business Transaction Dashlet for these BTs that are on the monitoring overview. Start with Web Page Requests and see whether you have PurePaths coming in for that app. Also check your Performance Warehouse.