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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Default Application.


Hi All

Really confused on the concept of default application here.The reason I ask this is I understand that based on identified host and URLs each purepath is mapped to an application and ones that map to none come under default. But here if I have a specific use case in form of a purepath for which I put a filter and have then created a BT for seeing regional performance . Even for that I see splitting under applications coming from default as well as other expected application. What is not clear is how can one purepath come from two applications. Not really clear on this.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Yamini,

Auto-detection mapping is done on the Server, but mappings created manually by defining logical applications is done on the Agent. The manual mapping is only implemented for Java and Web Server Agents.

Logical applications are defined by patterns, therefore, double check the PurePaths mapped to the default application and then take those to add to the user-defined application.

Also check the following documentation for understanding about rules evaluation order and creating patterns etc...



Thanks @Babar Q. I did try mapping all the identified URls in order of importance under one user defined application.

and now i do not see URLs as application name but the user defined application name instead so I look good there. Thanks for the doc, will take a look at the hierarchy.



Hi extra question on the manual defined applications that are done on the Agent.

Would a hotplacement be enough to have the agent load the new application filters or do we need to restart our java applcitaion entirely?

Hello Gerald,

Hot Sensor Placement executes on the method level. All methods on the SUD continue to execute the original code, even during the Hot Sensor Placement, until the Hot Sensor Placement's completion. Methods that start after the Hot Sensor Placement run the new code with the configuration changes applied.

You don’t need to restart the application in case of manual application definition.



So if I understand you well, manual application definition changes will be forced to be taken into account immediately after a hot sensor placement as I suspected?

So if I want a manual change taken into account immediately I have to perform a hot sensor placement.


Hello Gerald,

Hot Sensor Placement is a technology used to commit changes to an application's instrumentation during run time without the need to restart the application or application server.

There are two things e.g. if you are defining a manual application then you don’t need any hot Sensor Placement to take effect.

But if you are creating a custom sensor to instrument a specific method or to get a return value / argument then you will have to perform the hot Sensor Placement.

Have a look on the below link for more insight.



Hello Babar,

I understand the goal of Hot Sensor Placement.

I wondered why manual Application web/uri definitions did not get applied rapidly and how to accelerate the process. From you answer atop the reason is that these filters are done by the agent instead of the server. Hence my question if there was a way to force the agent to get that information by means of hot sensor placement (even if that is not its primary goal).


Hello Gerald,

As per my experience the manually defined application should have an immediate effect without any further actions.

Auto-detection mapping is done on the Server, but mappings created manually by defining logical applications is done on the Agent. The manual mapping is only implemented for Java and Web Server Agents. Manually defining logical applications for PHP only works if there is an instrumented Web Server tier before the PHP tier.



I recently (yesterday) experience very long delays between implementation of manual filters and it being taken into account. It was for java.

So basically we just have to wait a bit for it to happen.

Thanks a lot for your quick replies Babar.

Kind regards,