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Define applications in Appmon via auto discovery and get hold of output


When you turn
on detect applications automatically in dynatrace it will come up with a (for me long) list in the dT client. It depends
what you decided to identify them by

  • Auto-detected
    Applications by host
  • Auto-detected
    Applications by Web application Id

After that we
can use this, via the client, to define Application names and patterns. This well
and fine.

But can you
get hold of this list in a xml file on the server somewhere ?

I want to discuss and group application outside
the client and then define applications. Copy paste does not work here as many other places in the dT client.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you open the system information dashlet, expand the server and "support information" sections there is a system profiles section that contains the xml for each system profile on the server. Within these xml files there does seem to be a section that lists all of the applications including the auto-detected ones. I was able to find it by searching and it was under the section:


So if you search for that you may be able to find them (I think there's two sections right after each other that seem to list them).

Does that help with what you're looking for?