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Define custom legend in chart

Hi, I would like to use a custom legend on a chart (ie a free text for each measure used).

It seems not to be possible.




Hi Pierre,

You are right, custom legends is not possible in dyntrace client. However this is available in new web dashboards.



if you're using a static list of measures and fixed colors you can always make your own legend using "text and image "dashlet adjacent to your chart dashlet. (and then obviously turn off legend on the chart dashlet).

Hi David,

is there a way to group 2 dashlet in the same tab ?

When I move the text & image dashlet in bottom and have a graph in upper, I can select another tab, but the text & image remains. As a consequence, the text & image is shown for all the dashlet I have in the upper part.

Not sure to be clear

You are clear - but unfortunately we dont have this type of Grouping/Foldering feature in the moment

Hi Sreerag

Web dashboard doesn't allow to use same axis Y for dual chart.

And using a text and image is not fine when you send report by mail, the dashlet chart and the dashlet text and image are displayed like 2 differents topics, with their own justification (they are not center together,) and with a hypertext link for each.

So I think I will export data and draw with python and plot.