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Deployment Guide Issues...


I was recently looking at the "Deployment Guide" spreadsheet from the dynaTrace 5.0 documentation and noticed an inconsistency in the calculated value for "Instrumented Nodes per PurePath". This value is calculated with the following formula:


where C8 is "Transactions per Day" and C14 is "Static Resource Requests per Day?". The formula checks whether either of these values is blank but since the values are defined as custom formatted numbers, these cells can never be blank (default is 0). An easy check is to set C8 to a value (i.e. 500) which makes "Instrumented Nodes per PurePath" 50. Not sure that this is the expected or desired value as the boolean expression above is NEVER TRUE. If the expression above is:


the "Instrumented Nodes per PurePath" is now 0. Any ideas on this or am I reading this incorrectly?



The formula is almost correct, although too complex. It would be sufficient if it was like this:


What is it doing? The ISBLANK-clause does error handling, because otherwise we have a #DIV/0! error. This happens when no value is entered. I don't see that in this case it is 0 by default.

I agree that the additional check for an empty C12 is redundant, because it is never empty.

In the else-path of the IF-clause we are estimating the average number of nodes. In a non-UEM environment it is typically 50 per transaction, in a UEM environment 6.44.

Hope this helps you to understand. Regards,



Thanks for the reply Thomas. While I understand protecting against a #DIV/0! error, this protection would only happen if (C8 + C14) is checked for 0. By default, C8 is BLANK on the spreadsheet, but C14 never is unless C8 is explicitly set to 0 as the formula calculates this value using the values in C12 and C13 (more explicitly C12 as C13 is ALWAYS "yes"). Entering 0 (which should not happen) still produces a #DIV/0! error(s). Seems an easier and more readable solution would be:


which I am assuming is what is wanted.

You are right. I updated the spreadsheet.