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Details TAB is greyed out



I'm trying to filter a BT by application group. While trying to pick application

under Details TAB on defined measure is greyD-Out.

any reason?detailtabgreyedout.png



There does not seem to be any consistency with measures this goes back as far as 6.x even. Here is a 7.1 measure that does work. Try to create a measure from the "Current CPU Load" measure with your 7.1 client. (Measures/ click create/ ctrl-f/type cpu load/ and highlight it). You don't even have to finish the creation - just bring it up on the right side and go to the detail tab. That measure you will find you can use the detail tab to select specific JVMs, etc. If you cannot do it there then you probably do have an issue. But I have found there is no rational why some measures you can do it on and many you cannot. Maybe someone has an explanation for it. But just know that it's not broken if you can get the one I recommended you try.