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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Detect client type as robot for transactions simulated from LoadRunner


Hi All,

Since load runner traffic simulates real browser client, by default, AppMon does not classify it's client type as "Robot". My understanding is AppMon has been hardcoded with a list of user agents to which user agent string of incoming requests are compared for client type classification. If it's the case, can we set Load Runner to use a particular user agent string, so AppMon will classify all traffics from it as robot traffic? If not, is there any other configuration to help AppMon do this classification?




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Kevin

For Load Testing Scenarios like yours we have an integration that allows your Load Runner script to add an additional HTTP Header to your HTTP Requests. This HTTP Header is called X-Dynatrace and can have several name/value pairs which will tell Dynatrace several things

#1: This is a "synthetic" request that comes from a load test or monitoring tool

#2: This is a request from a particular Test Script, Test Name, Virtual User, Geo, ....

We even provide specific dashboards and dashlets to then analyze these "Tagged Web Requests". Here is some information you should check out

#1: Dynatrace Load Runner Integration:

#2: Dynatrace Load Testing INtegration (YouTube Tutorial):

#3: General Information about our Load Testing Integrations and how our HTTP Header looks like:



Hi Andreas,

Thank you. Does it help us to put LoadRunner visits under "Robot" in visit dashlet and show entry point of LoadRunner purepath as "Robot" in transaction flow dashlet?


Once your Load Runner Scripts send the X-Dynatrace HTTP Header as described in the documentation your Load Runner Requests will show up as "Synthetic" in the Transaction Flow. Robots for us are Robots such as Crawlers, Bots, ... - we have a hard coded list of rules that we use to identify Robots. For Load Testing Integrations we use "Synthetic"

Thanks Andreas. I got it worked.

I also have another thinking. If I change the user agent of Load Runner transactions to be exactly the same as one of the hard coded list of identified Robots, such as GoogleBot, will I make these transactions appear as Robot in transaction flow and visit dashlet?