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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Detecting Calls to Methods Defined in a Sensor Group


I'm interested in finding the use cases making use of a third-party library.

I've defined the methods of interest in a new Sensor Group and placed that to the appropriate Agent Groups. And I am seeing those methods in PurePaths in some sample use cases in my lower environment. So far, so good.

Now, I want to run this over time and to filter the Web Requests by the use cases that hit one of these methods. I assume I need to create a Business Transaction using a new Measure as a Filter of PurePaths. Do I have to create a Business Transaction that duplicates all the methods in my Sensor Group? I'd rather not have that duplication.



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

You can create a (PurePath based) Business Transaction and create a new Method Invocation measure for your method:

You can select your method via the class browser, and don't forget to add a Upper Sever for the filter measure.

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Thanks, Patrick, but that means I'm duplicating the methods in my Sensor Group into the Measure, right? Further, I don't know that the Measure allows me to specify multiple methods when those methods are in different Java packages. That leaves me with one Sensor Group and multiple Measures, with a Business Transaction that is tied to the multiple measures. I'm trying to avoid that, but think that's where this is heading.

There is no duplication, a measure and a sensor are two different things. The sensors makes sure the data is captured, the measures is for storing and visualizing the data.

You are right on the last part though, a measure is always for one specific value, in this case the invocation of one method. You can then bring it together in a business transaction.

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DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi Mike,

The following applies to 6.5:

If you have PP's containing all the instrumented methods you can right-click on each PP node coming from one of the instrumented methods and select "Create Measures..." and then create an invocation measure. These measures can then be used as BT filters in your BT.

If your custom method sensor rules are rather generic you will have to create one or more invocation measures manually by providing the same matching pattern as in the method sensors.

There's also the possibility to create a BT from a PP node (by right-clicking and selecting "New Business Transaction...") but that only adds one BT filter based on an invocation measure for the selected method.

IMO there's no easier way as method-related measures are not automatically created when custom method sensors are created.

Not sure if the same holds for 7.x.


Thanks, Enrico. I was hoping this would not be the eventual answer as my current use case is representative of others we've come across and expect to see in the future.

Well, didn't hurt to ask, but feels very ... meh.