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Determine which sensor is capturing data


We are working on an older installation here and we are trying to determine which set of method sensors are capturing a specific entry point. We are unable to find this entry point in any of our installed sensor packs or sensor rules.

Is there a way, maybe via a debug flag, to determine which sensor / sensor pack is causing a specific node in the PurePath to display data?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi John,

Have you tried looking at the Deployed Sensors Record agent log file?

That file associates specific class names (and other things like Source File, Method name etc) with the appropriate Sensor. You can look at the Class Name for a specific node in your PurePath and then search for it in the Sensors Record file to see which sensor captured it.

You can get to this file from the client by right clicking on a particular agent from Agents Overview and selecting 'Show Agent Log File'.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ari,

Great idea, thank you.This was exactly what I needed.

Thanks again,