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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Difference between "internal" and "transactional" entry errors in Error dashboard



Same 5XX failure's in both 'Internal' and 'Transactional Entry'in error dashboard. Request you explain on what is classified as internal and external impact in dynatrace alerts. Are we confident that internal failures do not have impact on end user's. Can anyone tell about this?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Praveena P.

An error in AppMon can be any kind of unexpected event that happens while a user interacts with a system. Some examples of errors that can occur are resources that cannot be found on a web server, HTTP 500 response codes sent by a web service, or exceptions that occur within an application.

AppMon evaluates error detection rules on all PurePaths that arrive at the AppMon Server, and applies the defined consequences.

  • Internal: Indicates if the declared Web Request returned a specific response status within a PurePath.
  • Transactional Entry: All HTTP 5xx response codes that are detected on a transaction entry point indicate errors that cause the whole PageAction to be marked as failed. PurePaths with HTTP 5xx response codes are also automatically grouped as an HTTP response sub-category in the Web UI as part of problem pattern detection.

Have a look on the below link for more insight.



How to exclude Session time out 5xx errors in 5xx error list?

Hello @Praveena P.

HTTP response code rules are based on data captured by the Servlet Sensor. For each rule in the Rule group box, select target HTTP response class, which is classified as an error, and where it should be captured. You can use response code captured on the web server, on transaction entry, or all of them.

Share the example of the session timeout.



Hi Babar,

Could not get what you told. Can you explain me with some screenshots?

Hello @Praveena P.

I could not get your question 'How to exclude Session time out 5xx errors in 5xx error list?', therefore, I asked you to share the session timeout example.




Please find attached to see the message we get for session timeouts. And so we want to exclude these type of transactions from 5xx errors.

can I have an update on this? @Babar Q.