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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Difference in data between OTB and Configured Suspension Time Measure



The OTB Suspension Time measure

Server Side Performance > Virtual Machine > Suspension Time

When used to chart a particular WAS JVM Agent (e.g. was9999_ExampleServerProd2_clone1) and filtered just for that WAS JVM, will report one set of values.

But when I create another measure based that OTB Suspension Time Measure and then specifying a an Agent Group (The Agent Group for was9999_ExampleServerProd2_clone1) and I then chart the Suspension Time for that WAS JVM now using my new measure. The values reported differ greatly from the OTB Suspension Measure.

Does anyone know what could cause this? For Ref we are using 6.5.7


Hello Darren,

How about you use the Server Side Performance > Agent based Measure > Java Virtual Machine > Total GC Collection Time instead of Virtual Machine - Suspension Time?

Here, I see both are fetching similar values:

Regards, Rajesh



Yes I can look at Total GC Collection time. But this will not show me the true impact of Suspension Time as a WAS JVM can be performing GC in 'Old Gen GC' without causing Suspension time.

Also I'm more interested in the Time Metric as there is also 'GC Caused Suspension Count' but I need a time value not a count value. Also I've not checked to see if there is a difference between the OTB and configured version of this measure.